"Luke and Blanche have taken care of our jewelry needs since their store opened. Whether it is a new piece, a new mounting for my existing stones, or a repair, we have always found the work to be superb. Luke's goldsmith skills are flawless. He is always willing to carry out some of my "creative" ideas. No one else works on my jewelry. We appreciate their innovative wish list to give each of us an idea what the other likes, thus gifts are a surprise and loved. They always bring beautiful and unusual pieces as well as designer lines for us to choose from. We appreciate the outstanding service Luke, Blanche and their staff provide. They are an outstanding Arkansas City business."
-- Marianne and Steve Smith

"Schmidt Jewelers is truly outstanding. Sandy and I have always been impressed with the quality of their jewelry and the special treatment they give their customers. Luke and Blanche are professional in every way."
-- Pat McAtee

"My husband Trent and I live in Ponca City, Oklahoma. When we travel I always compare our customer service experience at retail stores with Schmidt Jewelers--their attention to detail and ability to make us feel that we are their only customers brings me back every time. I love that. I also love that regardless of my request for a unique and very special piece of jewelry I can count on Blanche and Luke. They always respond, "I can get that for you!" We have purchased things at Schmidt's that people stop us to ask, "How did you find that in Kansas?" Schmidt Jewelers is the best. It is worth going to their store before you traipse off to the commercialized stores touted every holiday. I always get the truth. They provide me with an unsurpassed product by taking the time to research the item and by making sure that I get exactly what I want: excellent quality for an excellent price. Ark City has a GEM with Schmidt Jewelers. Thanks Luke and Blanche!"
--Gina Brown

"My boyfriend and I live in Texas and was in AC visiting family when we decided to shop for an engagement ring, and after visiting other jewelry stores in AC we had given up finding the right piece, until we seen Schmidt's Jewelers on the corner and they were open on Christmas Eve so we had decided to give it one more try. Upon entering The Schmidt's store I was totally impressed! They have the nicest looking jewelry showcase in AC and the friendliest staff ever. Blanche helped us find the perfect, most unique engagement ring I have ever seen and was even able to have it sized and ready the very next day because we were leaving town. Remembering how great they were to us, we decided to pay them another visit when we came back to town a few months later looking for the matching wedding bands, and not only found the perfect wedding band for me, we found a matching wedding band for my fiance'! The rings had to be ordered, but Blanche and Luke advised us they would mail them to us as soon as they came in, and a short time later we received them. My fiances ring needed to be a half size bigger and a little thicker shank and they did not hesitate to accommodate our needs! I feel we were treated with the utmost respect and professionalism and we both agree we will be back for all our jewelry needs. Thank you, Luke, Blanche, and Staff for a very awesome experience in buying jewelry. We look forward to seeing you again soon."
-- Marilyn Phelps Brittain

"Trying to find just the right piece(s) of jewelry is a real task for me. Blanche & Luke are the biggest help because they know their customer base. Something you'd like to believe that all business owners would be able to do. Their prices are competitive and the service and selection is great. I feel comfortable working with them on just the right selection."
--Stephen English

"I lived in Arkansas City and always enlisted in Luke & Blanche for help when I had any jewelry needs or issues. There have been several occasions that I have required special assistance on the weekend or evenings or holidays, etc. every time I am taken such good care of. I have since moved to Wichita and WOW once again Luke & Blanche have gone so far above and beyond the call of duty to take personal care of me. From my one week notice needs to - engraved, overnighted, wrapped no stress taken care of! Even living in Wichita Schmidt Jewelers will hands down always be my jewelers, never do you get the special attention and effort like you get from Schmidt's. They are great! Thank you so much for all you do & the personal touch you add to every occasion!"
--Joanna Casey

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