Two Sides of a Jewelry Show!

Two Sides of a Jewelry Show! jewelry showLast week we returned from our biannual Jewelry show this time held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Now the jewelry show has basically two parts to it – the first (and maybe the most interesting to you!) is the actual SHOW where many of the 200 plus vendors that are in the Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO) set up booths and show their ‘wares’! The buying room floor has the slight feeling of Christmas in the air (I know! Its July and 103degrees outside but bear with me!) because we (as retail jewelry store owners) are carefully selecting some of the latest and greatest styles that we know will be exactly what you are looking for this Christmas!

The second part of a jewelry show consists of education. All day Saturday (and half of Sunday) there are lots of different speakers that we can listen to and learn from on various topics from customer service to accounting and everywhere in between!

Luke and I always dedicate the majority of our Saturday to being a part of the educated audience at IJO! The things we learn (and bring home to Arkansas City and actually DO) help us to better serve YOU!! This year our Sunday morning keynote speaker was an amazing individual that truly hit home the importance of ‘never giving up’ despite what others might see as our ‘inabilities’.

Check out and you will get a glimpse of this truly amazing individual! Kyle is a speaker, author and ESPY award-winning martial artist even though he has a condition called Congenital Amputation. Although he has no legs and no arms beyond elbows he has overcome and attained many goals that almost leave you ashamed to think of how little we use our own capabilities! So, the next time I might ask myself– Why can’t I do that? Kyle will serve as a reminder that sometimes the only person holding us back – is ourselves!!

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