It's All About Relationships...


After a brief chat with one of our daily delivery drivers it struck me how important the relationships we build with those we encounter day in and day out really are. This particular driver has been delivering packages to us for more than eight years (he knew us before our girls were born!) Through brief conversations we have learned about him and his family and vice versa. I trust him to keep our packages safe and get them to us in a timely manner – and he does. Now, with the modern world of technology advancing at a (sometimes) alarming rate, are we becoming more or less focused on relationships? Or, are these relationships more ‘surface’ due to the lack of face-to-face contact? How many times have you received a text and thought to yourself “wow, did they REALLY mean to say it that way”? I know I am guilty of automatically adding my own tone to the text message depending on the sender. Sure, texts are quicker (and I don’t deny that they are extremely convenient!) but are we losing some of the depth to our interpersonal relationships and our ability to convey what we really feel? In a new world of on-line shopping, on-line entertainment and on-line dating are we becoming more or less social beings? I go back and forth on whether it is appropriate to text someone that their jewelry repair is ready to be picked up or email them with an answer to their question rather than a person-to-person encounter or telephone call. Where or when do you think it is appropriate?

I know that the choices I make – where I bank at, who I have change the oil on my car, who teaches my children, and where I go to church– are all closely linked to the interactions I have had with the people there.  Would you take the ring that you inherited from your grandmother to a one-hour quick stop to be resized or cleaned? Jewelry always involves emotions and therefore it is always tied with relationships. Thank you to those of you that have chosen us to take care of some of your most prized possessions.  As I personally remind myself of how important it is to sometimes just ‘pick up the phone and call” I would encourage you to do the same! And, if you have any suggestions as to how we can make your ‘jewelry’ experience even better I would love to hear it!

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