Just a funny little story..

The other day a customer was checking out our diplomas and certificates on the wall and asks me “You have a degree in Agriculture from Oklahoma State - how did you end up owning a jewelry store?” Well, the short answer is that it is all my husband’s fault. He had worked at a jewelry store in high school and then went to Okmulgee, Oklahoma for his training in jewelry and microinstrument repair. We were married after we both had graduated from college (me with a bachelors degree in Animal Science business option with a minor in Ag Econ and Luke with a degree in jewelry/watch repair) and seven months later – September of 1999 – we decided that with our combined set of skills that we could be successful in owning a jewelry store! Our start was very small, with only two showcases and just enough jewelry to fill them! This September we will be celebrating 15 years in business and it is amazing how quickly time has passed. Through countless hours spent at work ‘after hours’ and for ten years working six days a week we now have a fully stocked showroom and offer an array of services from repair, custom design, engraving and much more. Someone may ask, what is the best part of owning a jewelry store – all the ‘sparklies’? But, for me, the very best part is getting to know the customers we serve and moving from customers to friends. Supporting the community financially and by volunteering time and skills is both refreshing and fulfilling. Thank YOU to all of our friends that visit us and I look forward to creating a new friendship with those I have not met!

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