Pearl is is the Birthstone for June

Pearl Earrings
Pearl Earrings
June's birthstone is the pearl, one of the most recognizable gems; pearl jewelry has been worn by royalty and the rich for centuries. Pearl necklaces, pearl rings, and pearl earrings have been seen in paintings of royal women and photos of movie stars.

Pearls are made of layers of nacre, and begin formation as a reaction to an irritant inside a mollusk. The mollusk covers the irritant for protection. After a few years, layers upon layers of nacre have been secreted, and the pearl has been formed. The layers of nacre create the pearl's signature iridescence.

Most pearls fall into two categories: natural or cultured. Natural pearls are found in their natural habitat and procured through pearl hunting. Because not every mollusk contains a pearl, this method can be expensive and is rarely used today. Most pearls sold today are cultured pearls, pearls formed on pearl farms. Instead of waiting for nature to create the pearl, an irritant is artificially introduced to the mollusks and retrieved later on.

Schmidt Jewelers carries a variety of pearl jewelry. Stop in to peruse our collections and see firsthand why these gorgeous gems have attracted the royal and the famous for centuries.

Pearl Jewelry Showcase

Tahitian Pearl Ring with Diamond Accents
Pearl is is the Birthstone for June Tahitian-Pearl-Ring-with-Diamond-Accents

Carved Pearl Pendant with Inset Diamond
Pearl is is the Birthstone for June Carved-Pearl-Pendant-with-Inset-Diamond

Double Strand Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Pearl is is the Birthstone for June Double-Strand-Freshwater-Pearl-Bracelet

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