Ruby: July's Birthstone

Ruby: Julys Birthstone Ruby Ring
Ruby Ring
Ruby is derived from “ruber”, the Latin word for red. This is due to the ruby's gorgeous and rich red primary hue. The intensity of this primary hue is one major determinate of the ruby's value. As the Victorian prospector Fernie declared: the perfect ruby should be “pigeon-blood red... a pure deep, rich red, without any admixture of blue or yellow”. Long before Fernie, the ruby was admired for both its beauty and its believed power.

In Ancient India, rulers wore ruby necklaces and ruby rings to bring them good luck. Rubies were also inserted into military armor to give the soldier good luck on the battlefield. In the West, the ruby has always been associated with power. In Ancient Egypt, the ruby was believed to be the gem of the most powerful goddess of Lower Egypt, the goddess of War. Soldiers carried rubies and wore ruby necklaces beneath their armor into battle in order to summon her power.

The birthstone poem also touts the ruby's power, declaring that those who wear ruby jewelry will be “exempt and free/From love's doubts and anxiety”. Some today believe that wearing ruby jewelry can increase one's blood flow to the brain and sustain concentration. For most, however, the ruby's only power is its magnificent beauty; ruby jewelry always make a stunning and breathtaking addition to anyone's collection.

Ruby Jewelry Showcase

Ruby and Diamond Earrings
Ruby: Julys Birthstone Ruby-and-Diamond-Earrings

Ruby Pendant with Diamonds
Ruby: Julys Birthstone Ruby-Pendant-with-Diamonds

Ruby and Diamond Necklace
Ruby: Julys Birthstone Ruby-and-Diamond-Necklace

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