The History of Opal, October's Birthstone

Opal is October's birthstone. It's known for its play of color, or appearance of radiating a multitude of various colors, which can range from red to red-orange to yellow, and from shades of blue to green. The contrast of these hues has drawn people since the beginning of recorded history, most notably royalty and the powerful.

An Ancient Roman historian, Pliny the Elder, wrote that the opal's play of color created an effect of the perfect combination of precious gems. He wrote that the opal contained “the gentler fire of the ruby", “the rich purple of the amethyst” and “the sea-green of the emerald” which shined “together in an indescribable union”.

In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra loved opal jewelry. She wore an opal necklace and opal earrings, and even decorated one of the rooms of her palace in opals. Legend states that she met Mark Antony in this room and the opals' gorgeous play of colors inspired them to begin their affair.

Opal jewelry was also loved by the British royal family. Queen Victoria wore opal necklaces and gave opal rings as gifts to her children and to her subjects.

Today, opal jewelry is no longer reserved for royalty and the opal's gorgeous play of color can be enjoyed by anyone. At Schmidt Jewelers, we can find just the right piece of opal jewelry which will make you feel like royalty.

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