The August Birthstone – Peridot

The August Birthstone – Peridot Peridot1-79The August birthstone, the peridot, is flush with an idiosyncratic hue of green believed to have the powers to enhance openness, growth, and prosperity. It's so stunning, there's even a poem written about it:

"Wear a Peridot or for thee,
No matrimonial fidelity, the August born without this stone, 'Tis said must live unloved alone."
The poem echoes some of the hallmarks associated with this radiant birthstone like loyalty, faithfulness, truth, and love

The traditional metaphysical properties of the peridot have much to do with its vivacity; therefore, we make sure that each stone we offer has the connotation it is meant for, success, dignity, and protection. The healing attributes of the August birthstone are deemed useful for health problems associated with the sinuses, breast, lymph nodes, and lungs. Our deluxe August birthstones are of exceptional quality. We value the history and beauty of the peridot and are pleased to share our knowledge of this beautiful August birthstone with you.

An Interesting Piece of the August Birthstone's History

The peridot was assumed to be the gemstone of springtime by ancients who believed it to be a bequest from Mother Nature. Napoleon was so enchanted by this wondrous birthstone; he made a gift of peridot to Josephine as an indication of his eternal love and veneration. In antediluvian times, it was believed that a dream about peridot prophesied imminent peril.

The August Birthstone Has Many Faces
The August Birthstone – Peridot Peridot2-57From the beginning of time, the peridot has been a chameleon, confused with various other gemstones such as emeralds. In fact, many "emeralds" of imperial riches turned out to be peridots. Even though this brilliant August birthstone is conspicuously a dissimilar tint of green, countless jewelers kindly refer to peridot as the "twilight or evening-emerald." Emerald is a shadowy-green more so than a yellow-green and always includes inclusions.

Other green precious stones mistaken for peridot include green-zircon; considerably heavier, moldavites; zero double refraction, green-sin halite and green-tourmaline; both are intensely pleochroic transmuting various colors when viewed from different angles, green-garnets; no double refraction, and apatite; which is considerably softer. Each of these precious stones seldom have that pleasant golden-yellow element to their green hue as does the majority of peridot. However, darker-green peridot can be confusing when good crystal form is not perceptible.

The word "peridot" comes from the Greek idiom faridat meaning "gem." The duplicity of such a beautiful stone is amazing even in its pronunciation. Peridot is pronounced "pear-a-doe" not "pear-a-dot." For a birthstone that symbolizes loyalty and dignity, it undoubtedly carries a number of expressions; nonetheless, its beauty is mesmerizing and its power is congenial. We understand the fascination with the August birthstone, to see it is to relish its beauty. At our store, we marvel at each of our customers that request this precious stone because they undeniably comprehend its innate beauty. The peridot is a phenomenal birthstone and we are honored to bestow its beauty to all who ask for it.

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