Citrine: November’s Birthstone

Citrine: November’s Birthstone Citrine1-59Citrine, November’s birthstone, belongs to the quartz family. Citrine’s name comes from “citron,” meaning lemon in French. The gem is perfectly named when one considers the brilliant range of luxurious reds, rich oranges, and youthful yellow shades citrine produces.

Citrine’s beauty has attracted people for centuries. Citrine jewelry has been worn since Ancient Roman times. The gem became extremely popular during the Art Deco period of the early twentieth century. Citrine pendants and citrine rings were seen everywhere, especially amongst the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Citrine: November’s Birthstone Citrine2-53Along with its beauty, citrine is believed to have healing powers. Citrine is believed to help its wearer relax as well as help ward off nightmares. Citrine is believed to help heal internal organs. Due to the gem’s summer-like colors, the stone is believed to improve the wearer’s mood, and make the wearer feel more youthful. In Feng Shui citrine is seen as a gem which, when included in your home or workplace, can help attract money.

Citrine jewelry can be given for the thirteenth and seventeenth wedding anniversaries. It also makes a thoughtful gift for any mother expecting her new child in November, and, of course, any loved one with a November birthday.

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