Sterling Silver - Lustrous and Low Maintenance

Sterling Silver - Lustrous and Low Maintenance Silver is used for jewelry because it can be plated with rhodium for a shiny finish, a thin coat of silver for the same effect, or gold to produce a gold gild on the piece. This is often how costume jewelry is given a gold sheen. Silver can even be hammered or worked into links for different ideas of what it looks like.

Sterling Silver - Lustrous and Low Maintenance Despite the resistance to tarnishing, jewelry made of sterling silver has special needs. The natural oils on a person's skin can keep the sterling silver from tarnishing; the jewelry is made for often wearing and use. However, wearing this kind of jewelry while doing things such as dishes and heavy cleaning will expose the jewelry to chemicals that tarnish and cause the jewelry to become less than stellar. Some tasks are better done without jewelry on.

Sterling Silver - Lustrous and Low Maintenance Keeping the jewelry from tarnishing also means using special cleaning supplies and anti-tarnish strips when the jewelry is being stored. Cleaning the jewelry is a good idea, but keep the cleaning gentle and with the correct supplies. Extreme corrosion can be dealt with by wheel polishing, but that is extremely expensive for the general jewelry buying public. A patina - a special covering - can help keep the tarnish down.

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