Kameleon JewelPops

Kameleon interchangeable JewelPop system of jewelry is based on the idea that jewelry is no longer a static thing. It's a fluid part of your wardrobe that can and should be continually customized to make an infinite number of combinations. Since we all share the basic desire to express ourselves, Kameleon has captured this spirit with their new line of interchangeable sterling silver jewelry and accessories. Inspired by nature, the base jewelry designs include pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pins. There are also accessories such as sunglasses and charm pulls that can use the JewelPop inserts.

Kameleon JewelPops Unique Flexibility - JewelPops are all made in a universal size so that they're interchangeable with all the Kameleon products we sell. Pop a JewelPop insert into your pendant today, your sunglasses tomorrow, your watch the day after that…the possibilities are unlimited!

Kameleon JewelPops Fun – Once you become a 'JewelPopper' you'll find it difficult to stop playing with your JewelPops! How can you resist with such vibrant colors and designs. Also, each one has a special name like 'Moonmist' (Mother of Pearl) or 'Blue Jeans' (Lapis) which adds a fun element to the Collection.

Kameleon JewelPops Interchangeability – Of course there are many other interchangeable jewelry products out there, but none of them can match Kameleon's ability to interchange with the entire gamut of jewelry design –pendants, watches, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pins and even sunglasses, charm pulls and Kameleon's first belt buckle!

Kameleon JewelPops Traveling – You can easily travel with your Kameleon jewelry! Just grab a custom compact (the KC1 carries 14 JewelPops while the KC2 can hold up to 25), a couple of your favorite Kameleon jewelry pieces and you have jewelry that matches every outfit in your suitcase.

Kameleon JewelPops Color and Fashion - Kameleon wants to help you match your wardrobe, mood, and occasion with your jewelry. To accomplish this, there are over 350 JewelPops currently in the collection and new ones are released twice a year in January and July. They are set with a variety of materials ranging from semi-precious stones, Swarovski Crystal, lab opals, or sparkling cubic zirconias and sport outrageous names like 'Passion Plum (Amethyst) and 'Daydreams' (Azure Opal).

Kameleon JewelPops Easy to Use – The JewelPop system is incredibly easy to use while remaining very secure. Just push down with your finger from the top to insert a JewelPop and gently push out from the back to get it out! If this is difficult for any reason, each Kameleon piece you purchase also comes with a JewelCap. This specially designed plastic is an easy way to pop out your JewelPops so that you can switch them out whenever you want to!

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