LeStage Convertible Charm Bracelets

If you're not familiar with the idea behind the LeStage Convertible Charm bracelet, it's an elegantly simple design based on a bangle bracelet which closes with a charm clasp. This charm is interchangeable and when you change the charm, you change the whole look of the bracelet! With this type of versatility, each bracelet is unique to you. Also, the bracelets can be highly personalized to make an exceptional gift that you give to somebody special in your life...or to yourself! There are an enormous number of charms available and the selection means you'll find exactly what you want. At Schmidt Jewelers this type of versatility and beauty is what have available for you every day!
LeStage Convertible Charm Bracelets LeStage Convertible Charm Bracelets

For people who love nature, there are a many choices such as a butterfly, flowers, a swan, the sun…just to name a few! For music lovers, LeStage has created an entire line of birthstone G clef closure clasps. Do you like vibrant gemstones? Then you should definitely check out the clasps that feature rose quartz, green amethyst, chalcedony, and sky blue topaz in addition to many different types of birthstone-related clasps. To further ensure that LeStage's convertible jewelry is made for all tastes, the charm clasps and bangle bracelets are all available in 14kt yellow gold or sterling silver so you can get exactly the metal type you want, too. LeStage convertible bracelets also have thin and wide varieties to make sure you can find something that's perfect for you.
LeStage Convertible Charm Bracelets LeStage Convertible Charm Bracelets LeStage Convertible Charm Bracelets

LeStage Manufacturing Company has been family owned and family operated since 1863. All of their jewelry is made in the USA – more specifically in Attleborough Falls, Massachusetts. During their close to 150 years in business, LeStage has earned worldwide recognition as a highly respected name in the convertible charm and inspirational charm industry. As if that wasn't enough, the company also designs ladies lockets and crosses.

We've talked about a few possibilities of what's available for your LeStage convertible bracelet but come in and take a look at our full selection of bracelets, clasps, and charms. There's no better place than Schmidt Jewelers to start and/or continue your convertible charm bracelet collection! Our helpful and friendly jewelry consultants are here to give you the scoop on the latest trends and classic favorites. We're here to help you match your own personal style or to assist you in fulfilling your specific gift-giving needs. You can also reach us at (620) 442-3045 or via our Contact page if you have any specific questions.

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