The Magical Color-Changing Alexandrite

Alexandrite is June's birthstone. It is an amazing birthstone because it changes color from day to night. This change happens because, during the creation of alexandrite, aluminum elements combine with chromium. This union absorbs certain wavelengths within the light spectrum, causing the stone to appear a different color when viewed in natural or artificial light. The most precious alexandrite appears green in the day and red at night. Other color change variations include yellow or pink during the day to red at night.

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It is said that alexandrite was named after the czar, Alexander II, because it was first discovered on his birthday in 1830. However, to this day, no historian has found any evidence to substantiate this claim. Alexandrite was discovered in the Ural Mountains and quickly after the gem's discovery, the mountains were mined excessively to make all kinds of alexandrite jewelry. Women of Russian royalty were known to wear their alexandrite necklaces, alexandrite earrings, and alexandrite rings extensively. Because so much alexandrite was mined from those mountains, most alexandrite now comes from East Africa, Sri Lanka, and Brazil.

Come into our store to see our alexandrite jewelry. Witness this gem's unique color change for yourself. As June's birthstone, alexandrite jewelry can be given to anyone with a June birthday. However, alexandrite jewelry can make any woman, born in June or not, feel as unique as this gem.

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