Citrine, the Delicate Birthstone of November

Citrine, the Delicate Birthstone of November Citrine is a kind of quartz and occurs as full reds, luxurious oranges, and bright yellow. The stone’s name comes from “citron,” the French word for lemon. Citrine is the birthstone for November. This stone’s summery colors are a warm comfort in the month which brings in the winter season.

Citrine, the Delicate Birthstone of November Citrine’s occurrence in nature is rare, but due to modern technology, citrine can now be produced. In Ancient Rome, citrine pendants and citrine rings were worn both for the stone’s cheerful beauty and as a symbol of opulence. Although no longer a symbol of opulence because production has brought the gem’s price down, citrine is still sought after for its beauty. Today, this combination, its beauty and affordability, make it the perfect gem for those who both want to look stunning and need to stay within a budget.

Citrine, the Delicate Birthstone of November Along with its beauty, citrine is associated with feeling young and cheerful. Citrine is believed to relax its wearer and help with everything from proper digestion to warding off nightmares. Citrine pendants and citrine rings are acceptable gifts to mothers expecting in November. Citrine is also given as gifts for the thirteenth and seventeenth wedding anniversaries.

As winter sets in, everyone needs some added warmth and cheer. Whether as a thoughtful gift for an expectant mother, a gift for a wedding anniversary, or simply a gift to lift your own spirits, consider perusing our citrine collection to find the perfect citrine piece.

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