Gold is Forever

Gold is Forever The first record of wedding bands appears in Ancient Egypt, when bands were shaped into circles to signify the fact that the bond between the two wedded has no beginning or end. Wedding bands became commonplace in Ancient Rome. At that time they were usually made of iron; it wasn't until medieval times that gold was used. Along with its circular design, this noble metal became a symbol of the lasting bond between the bride and groom. And, of course, before there is a wedding band, there must be an engagement ring. This first appeared in the 1800s, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy.

Gold is Forever Several of the vendors we carry offer a gorgeous and striking assortment of engagement and wedding rings. Of course, gold is not only for weddings. Its use as the base metal for a piece of jewelry can accentuate the piece's jewelry.

Gold is Forever Remember that what you see here, and on our website, is only a fraction of what we carry. Call us or come into our store for even more breathtaking gold pieces.

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