Opal Was Once The Gem of the Gods

Opal Was Once The Gem of the Gods After September banishes the heat of summer, October ushers in the crisp fall air. And along with this change, the leaves begin their transformation from green to individual shades of red, golden, and brown.

These changes in color mimic the opal's play of color, in which each opal emits a combination of different colored light, including black and red, red and green, and white and blue.

In order to maximize this play of color, jewelers have perfected two different methods, the doublet and the triple-cut opal. Both use a thin slice of opal. This thin slice is placed onto a backing of a darker mineral, such as obsidian.

Doublet opals are exposed and can be both seen and touched. Triple-cut opals are covered in a clear layer of quartz for protection, which makes them visible but unable to be touched.

Opal's play of colors makes opal the perfect birthstone for October. As such, any kind of opal jewelry, from the simplest opal earrings to the most exquisite opal rings to the most breathtaking opal necklaces, is the perfect gift for any loved one born in October.

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