Idaho Opal & Gem Corp. (also known as Parlé Jewelry Designs or just Parlé) specializes in an impressive selection of opal such as Boulder opal, RAN opal, and Australian opal. They are also known as a respected supplier of Ceylon sapphire, Madagascar ruby, Mount St. Helen's, fancy color & rainbow sapphire, Chrome Diopside, Brazilian emerald, and other many other natural colored gemstones. As Parlé increases and diversifies its stone selection, their commitment to quality continues to be reflected not just in their superior selection but also by membership and participation in respected industry organizations.

Whether you've been searching for a beautiful pair of Mystic Fire Topaz earrings as a present to your mom for the holidays or a lovely opal pendant for your sister's October birthday present, Schmidt Jewelers has something for you. When you're trying to add more color to your personal jewelry collection, you should come in and see just how luminous Parlé's selection of rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets is. Here on our site, you can see a few examples of the amazing color that all of their designs display. To fully appreciate the play of light and the detailed skill that goes into every piece, we invite you to come in and see this collection in person.

Perhaps the best part of this company and the lustrous designs it's created is how it all began. In May of 1973, some college students were mining opal at the Lost Dear Hunt claim in Spencer, Idaho. The stones they found there were a hit with people they knew but the general consensus was that it would be easier to sell the gems already mounted in jewelry. These students formed IOGC (Idaho Opal & Gem Corp.) and took the feedback to heart and began selling opal in very basic jewelry settings.

The business expanded from there and since has grown to become Parlé Jewelry Designs, which creates high quality opal jewelry, opal doublets, and opal inlay, in addition to finished jewelry made with 25 other colored gemstones.

From the dream and adventures of a few college students to a well-respected company in the American jewelry industry, Parlé Jewelry Designs/Idaho Opal & Gem Corp. has come far. We at Schmidt Jewelers are incredibly pleased to carry this bright line for you and all our customers in and around the Arkansas City area. We welcome you to come in and see just how vibrant Parlé designs are. Schmidt Jewelers and Parlé are ready to "Color Your World" with beautiful jewelry!