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March 2020
COVID-19 Concerns
February 2019
Amethyst for February
December 2018
Turquoise in December
November 2018
Courtship Rings
October 2018
Opal Was Once The Gem of the Gods
September 2018
Diamond Round Cuts
August 2018
Fancy Diamonds
July 2018
The Fascinating Ruby
June 2018
The Magic of Gold
May 2018
Be Green for May
April 2018
April is for Diamonds
March 2018
Aquamarine is Refreshing
February 2018
Stefano Bruni Designs - Modern - Timeless – Everday
January 2018
Carla Corp/Nancy B - Eccentric Elegance for the Modern Woman
December 2017
Imperial Pearls
November 2017
Mommy Chic; Family Jewelry from Berco
October 2017
Opal: The Gem of the Gods
September 2017
Sapphires for September
August 2017
The History of Peridot, August's Birthstone
July 2017
May 2017
Silver Through the Ages
April 2017
Gold is Forever
March 2017
All about Engagement Rings
February 2017
Qalo - The Power of Commitment
January 2017
Garnet: January's Birthstone
December 2016
Turquoise is December's Birthstone
November 2016
Citrine, the Delicate Birthstone of November
October 2016
Mens Wedding Bands by Ostbye - Comfortable and Affordable
September 2016
Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings
August 2016
August's Alternative Birthstone is Sardonyx
July 2016
The Ruby, July's Birthstone, Has Been Treasured For Ages
June 2016
The Magical Color-Changing Alexandrite
May 2016
Spring Ahead with Emerald
April 2016
LeStage Convertible Charm Bracelets
March 2016
Kameleon JewelPops
February 2016
The Elegant Pearl
January 2016
Sterling Silver - Lustrous and Low Maintenance
December 2015
Turquoise: The Birthstone for December
November 2015
Citrine: November’s Birthstone
October 2015
Opal - The October Birthstone
September 2015
September Birthstone of the Month – Sapphire
August 2015
The August Birthstone – Peridot
July 2015
Passionate Ruby is the Birthstone for July
June 2015
June Birthstone of the Month – Pearl
May 2015
May Birthstone of the Month – Emerald
April 2015
April Birthstone of the Month - Diamond!
March 2015
March Birthstone of the Month – Aquamarine
February 2015
February Birthstone of the Month - Amethyst!
January 2015
January Birthstone of the Month - Garnet!
December 2014
The Beauty and Meaning of Turquoise, The December Birthstone
November 2014
Citrine is November's Birthstone
October 2014
The History of Opal, October's Birthstone
September 2014
Sapphire is September's Birthstone
August 2014
Peridot: The History of August's Birthstone
July 2014
Ruby: July's Birthstone
June 2014
Pearl is is the Birthstone for June
March 2014
Just a funny little story..
January 2014
Valentine's Day!
April 2013
The Beauty is in the Science..
February 2013
It's All About Relationships...
August 2012
The Olympic Gold
July 2012
Two Sides of a Jewelry Show!