Silver Through the Ages

Silver has been a part of civilization since the beginning. It was first used as currency as early as Ancient Rome. Because it is so durable, for thousands of years it's been hammered and thinned out into mirrors and for hundreds of years it has been shaped into silverware and for most of the twentieth century has been used for wiring inside most home electronics.

Around the time it was first used for currency, silver was also used for jewelry by creating sterling silver. Because silver is so soft, it must be mixed with other metals for almost every application. This includes jewelry. Sterling silver is 92 and a half percent pure silver, with the remaining metals being a mix of metal alloys. Mixing in these alloys strengthens the silver, making sure that your sterling silver jewelry will stand the test of time.

Our sterling silver jewelry can help you add a few unique elements to your wardrobe. We carry sterling silver rings, such as the elegant, feminine Diva Diamonds® Vine Ring seen here:
Silver Through the Ages

For the less conventional, take a look at some of our sterling silver necklaces, such as our Fun Open Link Silver Necklace featured here:
Silver Through the Ages

And if you are looking for more whimsical pieces, peruse our sterling silver pendants, such as the charming Sterling Silver Love Birds Necklace you can see here:
Silver Through the Ages

Although sterling silver is designed to last, it still needs to be cared for properly. Wear your sterling silver jewelry often as the natural oils in your skin protect the jewelry. But always remember to take them off when performing tasks like cleaning or yard work so that the pieces do not scratch. And always store your sterling silver jewelry with anti-tarnish strips.

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