Opal: The Gem of the Gods

Opal: The Gem of the Gods  Opal is October's birthstone and it has appeared in the stories of the gods. It's no wonder, considering the gem's striking features. Its color ranges from a liquid white to black, and each stone reflects unique flashes of color, ranging from red, yellow, and orange to blue and green.

Opal: The Gem of the Gods  In Greek mythology, before Zeus would be crowned the ruler of the gods, he had to first overthrow Cronos and the Titans. It was a long and hard battle. When Zeus and his siblings finally won, Zeus was so overcome with happiness he wept. As his tears fell, they transformed into opals, sparkling in their glorious colors as they hit the ground below. Opals are not only a part of Western mythology, but Eastern religion as well.

Opal: The Gem of the Gods  On the other side of the world, a Hindu story talks of discord between the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva over a gorgeous mortal woman. To avoid their advances, the mortal was transformed into mist. In order to recognize her, each god infused this mist with his own color. Brahma infused the mist with the blue of sky and heaven. Vishnu infused the mist with gold. And Shiva infused the mist with the red of fire. The mortal, now mist, was then turned into the opal, reflecting the colors of all three gods.

Opal: The Gem of the Gods  The opal, an amazing gem, once associated with the gods, can be yours as well, with jewelry such as opal rings and opal pendants. Just contact us and one of our helpful staff will help you find exactly which unique stone is just right for you.

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